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Turn me into mush with a Certified Crush on you
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22nd-Aug-2010 12:21 pm - The fruits of my summer labour.
Music: LTJ//Roger
According to the profile of this community, today is the 4 year anniversary of its creation, so in honour of it, or something like that, I HAZ THINGS.

Shane McColgan

1920 x 1080
1280 x 800
Links go to my website. From there you can download the wallpapers.
Hockey: Texas//Benn smile =)
5 wallpapers under the cut: Jason Spezza, Jonathan Toews, Mike Richards, Claude Giroux, Josh Gorges

download links belowCollapse )

And, for once I have a bit of a request: If anyone has any HQ Zach Parise pics of him in a USA jersey I'd really appreciate it if you shared them. I have an idea for a Parise wallpaper, but would rather do it with him looking...American.
21st-May-2010 04:49 pm - FINALLY, a theatre post.
Theatre: Hair//Claude + Berger
A conglomerate of theatre icons/wallpapers/banners/headers made over the course of a few years. I don't know what's here, I'm not bothering with teasers, or x-posting this in other communities, I just wanna get this post I've been putting off over and done with. If you know someone who might like these, please feel free to direct them here.

48 icons, plus a lot of other stuffCollapse )
17th-May-2010 07:43 pm - Why yes, I do still make things.
Music: C.Monster//m.Spicoluk is a sexy m
screw teasers, 4 under the cutCollapse )

Now onto Olympic caps:
Err...yeah. So it's...many months since the Olympics, and the reason there's been no caps update is purely because I did not have time to do them. My second semester was a lot crazier/harder/more annoying, therefore, it just didn't happen. I do plan on getting them done over the summer if everyone's still interested, but if anything, they won't be done until July/August/a long time after the draft. Sorry for people waiting on them.
24th-Jan-2010 06:55 pm - The Islanders? What?
Hockey: Team Sweden//10WJHC bbSen Silver

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

let's you and me, make a night of it. old enough to know, but too young to careCollapse )

Feb 21 - Russia/Czech Republic
Feb 21 - Canada/USA
Feb 21 - Sweden/Finland

Provided I can get decent feeds, you can expect caps from these games. Depending on how lazy I am, Canada and Sweden will more than likely get one other game from the playoff round. And I'll do both the bronze and gold medal games.

If you don't see your team, feel free to still make a request. Nothing is really final until the games are actually over.
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